Who Are Salisbury Dog Trainers?

Magnificent Seven

Salisbury Dog Trainers are proud to be one of the magnificent seven. A body of the UK's leading dog businesses. This means that we're being held to the highest standards of practice and quality. You can rest assured that you and your dog are going to be in the best of hands!

Providing world-class dog behaviour training

Here at Salisbury Dog Trainers, our goal is to take the stress and hassle out of the relationship between the owner and the dog. Dogs are eager to please their owners and the owners care about their dogs – the issue is often communication.



Salisbury Dog Trainers use the latest techniques to help show your dog what you want from it. We never use any form of physical punishment. At worst, they might get ignored or lose a treat!


We don’t just teach the dog – we also share our techniques with you to ensure that you can more easily communicate with your pet that will help to strengthen your relationship with one another.


With our training, your dog will be learning new behaviours and you will have a new way to communicate. After training you will have all the tools to deal with any future issues that may arise.

Meet Jenni

Jenni Molland was born and raised in Finland and has been in love with dogs since she was 5 years old.

Her family bred Fox Terriers for many years and her father was a Finnish customs and excise dog handler. By the age of 15, she had found a job as a sitter and walker for 3 Black Russian Terriers. This cemented her love for these world famous working dogs and two years later she became the owner of one.

Jenni quickly found herself working alongside one of Finland’s top breeder/trainers, Kirsti Pitkanen and spent many years being trained and mentored by Kirsti.

Jenni has been involved in lots of dog handling clubs including Black Russians, Rottweilers, Schnauzers to name a few.

Jenni went on to compete in the Finnish Crufts and won her category in 1999 for the Black Russian Terrier best Bitch. 

Jenni has competed and won several awards for Scent Tracking in the forests of Finland! Using her Black Russian Terrier (Tatjana)  she navigated her way through the championship and won. This lead to her volunteering for search and rescue in Finland.

All of Jenni’s different experiences coupled with her behaviour work has led to becoming a expert trainer/behaviourist that never fails a case. Growing up she managed to help many friends, colleagues, and whoever else she crossed paths with.

Teaching each of them how to communicate in the correct way with their dogs.

Since meeting her husband Daniel and moving to the UK, Jenni continued working with dogs, mostly on a voluntary basis. Responsible for rescuing and rehabilitation of dogs Jenni had saved many from an uncertain future.

Now Jenni and her husband work hard as a team to deliver a first class training service for all dog related problems. It is her natural way with both people and dogs that allows her to be highly successful in all that she does.

From the first phone call to the case closed you should expect to receive a service unrivaled in the area.

Jenni had this to say….

”I just love spending time teaching my clients how to communicate in the right way with their dogs. Making a difference to peoples lives is at the top of my list and in some cases saving the life of a dog” 

Meet Dan

 Dan Molland is the husband of Jenni and the business manager here at Salisbury Dog Trainers. He actually goes by the title Client Manager and dedicates himself to this role. With a head for business coupled with his knowledge of how Jenni works, Dan delivers a first class initial ice breaker between client and trainer.

” I really like our clients to feel at ease and not as if they are being judged for their dogs behaviour. It is important to me that our clients understand the process they are entering into and that all training is one to one (including families) 

Meet Michael

..Here at Salisbury dog trainers we are very proud to of worked with clients from all the over the world. Jenni is happy to offer her skills outside of the UK , so if you are not based in the UK and would like to find out more please firstly text our overseas international client manager Michael. He will be very happy to talk you through what we can offer our international clients. Michael has worked with overseas clients for more than 20yrs, we have achieved lots of positive outcomes for clients near and far. You and your dog are in the safest of hands

"Jenni is so good with Santiago. It’s brilliant to watch her whip him in to shape. She’s trained me too! Loads of helpful advice and tips. Even during lockdown, when I thought I was going to lose the plot! We had the puppy training and although we’ve had dogs before, I feel so much more in control and the dog is super happy."

Sophie Nias-Cooper

Dog Owner Reviews

"Jenni is such a natural with dogs, she has the ability to gain their respect instantly and an impressively deep understanding of their behaviour. Her help with our puppy Alfie has made a huge difference - we were struggling before our sessions with her, but her training and guidance (and patience with us human owners!) has worked wonders. Do not hesitate to book a session, she absolutely has the skills to turn any tricky canine behaviour around"

Frea Nunn

"It has been a pleasure to have Jenni helping with both our dogs: our exuberant and stubborn Dalmatian pup and selectively reactive border terrier. She is so insightful and builds an instant rapport with dogs and humans alike."

Gill Bellamy

Looking For A Professional?

We’ve helped dog-owners up and down the country change their dogs behaviour. 

We’ve got 25 years of experience working with all elements of dog training.

Dog psychology? we have got that covered. Jenni has spent her whole life changing behaviours she has studied dog psychology to a degree level and constantly learning new things as our understanding develops.

Family friendly, fun rewarding delivery!!

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