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Helping you to communicate the right way with your best friend

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Working with dogs since 1992

Here at Salisbury Dog Trainers we have over 25 years of experience working with dogs and we’ve decided to combine all that experience with the latest training techniques to deliver an unmatched training program for your precious pets.

Puppy Training

Giving your puppy the right tools from the start can be beneficial to both owner and dog. We offer both training programs and  one-off sessions.

Dog Training

At Salisbury Dog Trainers, we take a positive approach to training or retraining your best friend by using modern methods that reinforce good behaviour.

Behaviour Modification

Salisbury Dog Trainers will help any dog with any problem and anywhere in the UK

Learning to communicate with your friend

Your dog loves you. From the moment it becomes a part of your family, it just wants to co-operate with you. Sometimes, it doesn’t know the best way to do this and sometimes it picks up the wrong message about what you want.

Salisbury Dog Trainers will work with you and your pet to help you communicate in the best way possible by using a positive reward system that you can easily maintain at home.

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The Most Important


Although many pet owners say that ‘recall’ is the most important command for a pet to know, many dog owners do not trust that their pet will return to them.








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See us in action

At Salisbury Dog Trainers we spend a lot of time working with both dogs and people to make sure that the communication is a two-way-street.

Here is clip of Jenni giving this Husky / Shepherd a good brain workout. Forty five minutes of this kind of fun can be more stimulating that a normal walk. This fella really loves this kind of workout.

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The Right Choice

Jenni, our Head Trainer has over 25 years experience, having worked with the top trainers in her native Finland. Jenni has worked with hundreds of different breeds of dog and she uses this wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to help you have a beautiful, hassle-free relationship with your pet.

Why not find out more about what we can offer you and your pet.

Featured Stories

At Salisbury Dog Trainers we’ve worked with a lot of people and their dogs to achieve their training outcomes and to help make everyone’s lives that little bit easier. Learn about some of our most memorable experiences.

Our Head Trainer

Meet our head trainer Jenni, who will be working with you and your pet to achieve the maximum results.

  • 25 years of experience working with dogs.
  • Comes from a family of dog breeders and handlers
  • A long list of training, handling and specialist qualifications
  • Uses the most modern training techniques
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Owner Operator


What are people saying about us?

"Jenni is very knowledgeable, and has taught us a lot, after our first session we instantly felt more positive about everything.

I would highly recommend Jenni to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer."

Amber Pritchard

"Jenni has taught me so much & helped me to have a much better connection with my dog Luna. Luna is now walking to heel on & off lead.

I really love Jenni's enthusiasm, it's infectious."

Vicki Lubrano Lobianco

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