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Magnificent Seven

Salisbury Dog Trainers are proud to be one of the magnificent seven. A body of the UK's leading dog businesses. This means that we're being held to the highest standards of practice and quality. You can rest assured that you and your dog are going to be in the best of hands!

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A telephone consultation is the best way to break the ice and to give us a real picture of the problems you are experiencing

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If its behaviour training or puppy training we will find you an appointment and ask for a booking fee to secure the date. 

Our Services

Dog behaviourist based in Salisbury Wiltshire servicing the whole of the UK.

One to one puppy training- Get it right from the start and learn how to avoid unwanted behaviour creeping in. 

Behaviour specialist working with any dog any age and any problems. Learn how to change the behaviour including extreme anxiety and sustain this for the future. 

We don’t just train and walk away we thrive on making sure our clients get what they asked for or at least on the right road. 



Dog behaviour training


Behaviour training in your home/garden and the area you live.

Positive results are Guaranteed

We can help with those unwanted behaviours such as… Fear & Anxiety. Reactive on and off lead. Dog aggression, Recall, excessive barking, pulling on the lead, destruction, over excitement, can teach blind dogs, deaf dogs, old and young. Helping with all aspects for a holistic approach to dog behaviour training.

Phone consultation -Video support for 30 minutes prior to your appointment- One to One appointment for 2 hours – Follow up appointment, usually 2 hours or until the job is complete-Ongoing support from start to finish, via email, phone, WhatsApp etc.

All for only


Puppy Training


Teaching you and your family every aspect of puppy training, supporting you as we show you how to take control of every situation. Working on avoiding future problems and how to raise a well balanced puppy. Helping with older puppies that have developed behaviour problems already, working on outdoor behaviour, recall, lead work.

Puppies aged between 8 weeks and 6 months for this package.

Phone consultation-Video support prior to your appointment- One to one appointment for 2 hours-Follow up for 2 hours-Ongoing support from start to finish via email, phone WhatsApp etc.

All for only



Video Call Support

Speak with our expert for 30 minutes to get dedicated 1:1 support, on the spot advice and tips.

This can be useful if you have a new puppy and need advice and help on any basics- toilet training- crate training- limiting the environment-socialisation and much more.

Or if you have one particular behaviour problem with your dog, then a chat with our expert may be all you need. 

If you decide to take a package after the call, No problem! we will just knock the call price off the package, so it is included.

£95/30 mins

Why Us?

With over 20 years of experience, Jenni is one of the top dog behaviourists in the UK-Based in Salisbury Wiltshire, she provides a second to none service for you and your dogs. 

Using a positive approach Jenni will always get the best out of your dog, no matter what the problem is. With a firm understanding of both dog and human psychology she is the perfect choice to bridge the gap. 

Jenni’s training methods are fun, rewarding and highly successful. Making sure that everything is in place to get the most out of training and give you the results you deserve.







In High demand

Due to Jenni’s experience, expertise and results, she only has three new appointments available between now and January 3rd 2022

ask an expert video calls available @ £95


Jenni can help you even if you can’t get a face to face with her. Why not book a video chat, you may find that was all you needed to sort your problems out. We also offer video lessons which can be booked in blocks and will reduce the price.

This service is open to all UK and overseas clients.


Dog Owner Reviews

"Jenni is so good with Santiago. It’s brilliant to watch her whip him in to shape. She’s trained me too! Loads of helpful advice and tips. Even during lockdown, when I thought I was going to lose the plot! We had the puppy training and although we’ve had dogs before, I feel so much more in control and the dog is super happy."

Sophie Nias-Cooper

Dog Owner Reviews

"Jenni is such a natural with dogs, she has the ability to gain their respect instantly and an impressively deep understanding of their behaviour. Her help with our puppy Alfie has made a huge difference - we were struggling before our sessions with her, but her training and guidance (and patience with us human owners!) has worked wonders. Do not hesitate to book a session, she absolutely has the skills to turn any tricky canine behaviour around"

Frea Nunn

"It has been a pleasure to have Jenni helping with both our dogs: our exuberant and stubborn Dalmatian pup and selectively reactive border terrier. She is so insightful and builds an instant rapport with dogs and humans alike."

Gill Bellamy

 Looking For A Professional?

Salisbury Dog trainers certainly have a good understanding of what being a professional is all about. As soon as you make contact you are looked after in a manner that shows how much we care. It doesn’t stop there, we are constantly improving our approach to training, using customer feedback to help us get things better next time.

Our training packages are designed to bring the best possible results for each case. Not only are you getting more than four hours face to face time with an International, multi award winning trainer. You will also receive ongoing support to make sure we hit our training goals. We have played around with the format of training many times and have found the current process has been the most successful and rewarding.

Over the years dog behaviourist, Jenni Molland, has built up a network of helpers. These helpers may be called upon if we need a house visitor or a gate opener, perhaps your dog needs some puppy play friends. It may even need some friendly dogs that don’t react back. 

We make it our personal mission to be the most professional dog training company in the area so we can deliver the most fun, educational, sustainable and rewarding training out there.


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