Is your dog reactive on the lead?


Does your dog pull, lunge, bark excessively at other dogs, people, bikes, cars?


Salisbury Dog Trainers reactive dog walking group is an opportunity to help change the behaviour of your dog.


When your dog is displaying anti social behaviour it can stir up a cauldron of mixed feelings. For some of our clients it’s just the embarrassment.. It can be upsetting and difficult to understand, How can this amazing and adorable family member act in such a way?  Being part of the walking group can be very enlightening, finally you can see that you are not alone!! You will discover there are many dogs just like yours and many owners that share similar feeling as you.


What is involved?


The reactive dog walking group assembles weekly for an hour, either on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning. On joining the group you will receive your welcome letter either via email or through the post. Attached will be a map of our meeting point for each session. Historically we have met in Harnham, Salisbury, where there are many routes to walk and some good places to utilise for the group training. This year we will still have our regular meeting place although at least once in the month there will be a new area added to mix things up a little. The walking group will have up to ten members and will start promptly on the times stated. The first part will be the procession walk which will lead the group to a training ground. Jenni the trainer will try and talk to as many of her clients as possible during this procession. (Usually she will make the most time for the newer group members) Once you have reached the destination which can be up to a ten minute walk, the fun really begins. Using all of her tried and tested methods, Jenni will work with the group using games and passing techniques to help get a reaction and show ways to control it.


What results will I get?


Group training always has mixed results, unlike one to one sessions the focus is on the group as a whole. If your dog has a larger issues then mixing one to one sessions with the reactive dog walking group will certainly help to achieve quicker results. Many of the reactive dogs become much easier to handle as the months go by. Getting used to walking with other dogs and repeating the passing techniques, over time has yielded some positive results. Ultimately it is down to the client, like all dog training it is what WE DO as owners, that really changes the behaviour our beloved pets. There is no magic wand solution it is dedication and hard work that will prove successful over time.


Does this help with other problems?


This group session is not designed to help with other behaviour problems. If you have a dog that is pulling on the lead (taking you for a walk) or if  the recall is not great. Then these and other behavioral issues will need to be resolved by booking some one to sessions. Of course if Jenni has time she can advise you about your dogs issues whilst taking part in the group sessions.


How old does my dog have to be to take part?


We advise a minimum age of one year old. The walks do last an hour and for younger dogs this can be too much. Most of the training is on soft ground so less stress on their joints. We are very proactive in keeping your dogs safe and well during our training sessions.


Become a member of the reactive dog walking group.


If you would like to join the reactive walking group, just contact us by sending a message via our contact form on the website, or through our facebook page. The fee works out at £5 a session, bookings are taken on a periodical system. For example sessions in September will run on Saturday 7th, 14, & 21st or on Sunday 8th, 15th, 22nd. The charge will be £15 for September and you get three walks for this. We can’t refund if you miss a session and we don’t take bookings on a week by week basis. However if we cancel on you due to adverse weather or any other reason then we will refund or carry over a session for you.